ABSOLUTELY no excuse not to pamper myself!

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photo (7)Just before Christmas I was sent a a surprise package from Pamper Parcels on behalf of Betfair. It was specifically for ‘those who tirelessly support the sports mad people in their life – children or partners’.

Yup, that’s me.

I have an eight year old son who is football mad, a husband who is football mad and coaches the 8 year old’s team. Twice a week I’m widowed for training and once a week I stand in whatever weather shouting my heart out proudly watching my boy and my husband play and coach a game. The ten year old goes horse riding – which is another hour a week sat in all weathers watching her grin from ear to ear.

I don’t complain, because despite feeling like I have frostbite in my extremities I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be – looking at them all excelling at their chosen sport and pastime and thoroughly enjoying it too.

photo (5)Receiving a Pamper Parcel gave me ABSOLUTELY no excuse not to pamper myself. I was so excited opening it because the products were so lovely and the sort of things that I would never ‘just buy’ for myself.

I set out to pamper myself and spent many a long bath reading and getting wrinkly, over Christmas. The bath products were by far my favourite … oh and the chocolate … and the lovely candle. The bath bomb was stolen by a ten year old but she smelt lovely post-bath.

Thanks Pamper Parcels and Betfair – you make my me-time far more indulgent than normal.  I could very easily get used to it.