I said goodbye to a good five inches

Written by on May 29, 2015 in BLOG - 1 Comment

I had my hair cut the other day.  I’d had, what I would consider long curtains, for some time now and just felt like I needed a change. I had short hair through most of my teens and twenties and then slowly but surely grew it all out. I spent an hour at the hairdressers having a bob cut. I said goodbye to a good five inches and it felt bloody brilliant.

I swished out of the hairdressers like they do in the adverts and got in the car, ready to hear fabulous things, where The Husband and 9 year old were waiting for me.

This is when the reactions, I wasn’t expecting, to my hair started;

The 9 year old kicked off by taking one look at me, giving me a shocked face, and saying “I don’t like it”. He doesn’t like change and that’s fine, he then said “I don’t think I can look at you”.

The Husband was quiet, but to be fair was probably clenching his buttocks on behalf of his son, who had there been an ejector seat in the car would be half way to Mars right now. He opted for silence, later admitting that he loved it straight away.

Here are the other reactions I had from family members over the next four hours.

“What did you doooooo?”
“You don’t look right”
“Your face looks thinner”
“It’s just too weird”
“Your face looks big”
“But you don’t look like my Mummy anymore”
“Your face looks big and red”
“It won’t look like that tomorrow, right?”
“Your neck looks cold”
“Can I stroke it?

24 hours later and the 10 year old has decided she likes it and the 9 year old is now on the fence… which is much better than him being half way down the road avoiding all eye contact with me.