The world has not stopped turning and no one has died

Written by on September 19, 2014 in BLOG - 12 Comments

Three weeks ago my phone was lost, presumed stolen, in an airport.

Do you know what? Contrary to popular belief when  it was lost I didn’t panic. I had a look for it, did all the things I was supposed to do, but actually I was full of relief. It was a bit like when a friend who has sucked the life out of you for years decides they no longer want to be your friend. You celebrate quietly inside your own head and move on, free of the burden.

Before it was lost I was a slave to it. I slept next to it, it was the last thing I did and the first thing I did each and every day. I refreshed my email, social media and a variety of other time bandit apps more times an hour than I would ever admit.

Hours after it was lost I went away for a week, to Walt Disney World, Orlando, on a press trip and wasn’t too bothered.  I did have the use of my ipad and an ipod that was provided during our stay. It wasn’t a hardship as I could still keep in touch with my family at home and bore people senseless alert people to the awesome time I was having with my social media updates.  After all, Walt Disney World has THE fastest wi-fi I’ve ever experienced IN MY LIFE.

When I returned home I discovered that my insurance had lapsed. Yep, I’m an arse. I couldn’t get a replacement phone and I actually didn’t care. I work from home on a laptop and still have an ipad but no one could ring me which is sometimes a blessing in disguise and no one could text me, unless they had the power of iMessage.

Things have significantly changed, for me at least. The world has not stopped turning and no one has died.

I don’t miss not having a phone with me at all times, the constant refreshing of various apps to see who has done what with who and when. Tweeting my every move and keeping an eye on family members passive aggressive tweeting habits (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) are no longer a priority.

I do miss not having a camera with me at all times because I love capturing moments. As a motherless child I find it difficult not to take photos, to preserve flashes of life, for my own children to look at when they’re older.

I work freelance and 99% of my job is interacting with people on social media so I still get my ‘fix’ of online life. I bloody love social media, always have done. But when I finish at the end of the day that’s it.

When I’m not working I’m doing all the stuff I was doing before I lost my phone: Snuggly cuddly kid related stuff, cooking, seeing friends, housework (in the loosest term), shouting at the kids, burning stuff, running out of gin, accusing the dogs of eating non-edible goods, going out and about, eating cake … except I’m doing it far better because I’m not distracted.

The only downside, so far, was that I actually had to use a payphone, for the first time in 20 years, to ring someone while I was in London. The using of the phone was not a problem but the unidentified sticky substance in the phone box was.

Today The Husband is upgrading to an iPhone 6 and he is giving me his old phone. I know that common sense tells me I need it, so that people can actually get in touch with me. With kids comes the responsibility of being on the other end of a phone for when they lose something, need something or in the case of the 8 year old, inevitably, falling off something.

But I’m wondering if I can use it just as a phone and camera and keep my online life restricted to certain times. Do I have the strength not to download ALL of my old apps? Maybe.

All I know is that my life is better when I’m not a slave to my phone, I am better when I am restricted and not distracted. My kids are getting all of me not some distracted version of me.  That alone is motivation enough.