The swear box …

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swear boxThe 8 year old is disgusted in her father. He keeps swearing … he has no filter.

Not like me.  I swear like a trooper, but can switch it off when the kids are around. I’m also really good at non-swearing-swearing … SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, FISHFINGERS, SHIIIIIIP.

The Husband finds it hard to filter, especially if there’s a sporting event on the TV or if he’s involved in an altercation in the car between himself and anyone over the age of 80.

I love a good swear but I’m glad that the 8 year old thinks it’s appalling. So appalled that she’s made a swear box. £1 a swear – she’s going to be rich.

*polishes swear filtered halo*

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  1. Ali S December 31, 2012 at 4:23 pm · Reply

    It’s similar in our house – my husband can filter a bit when teh kids are actually in the room, but he f’s and blinds like a good ‘un when they aren’t, forgetting that he has a really loud voice and the walls are really thin and they can hear every word.

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