Skylander Giants and the PORTAL OF POWER

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crusherI am about to pretend that I know exactly what I’m writing about. I have just had a long conversation with my 7 year old, who rolled his eyes at me as I quizzed him on everything he knows about Skylander Giants. This is where we’re at …

We were sent Skylander Giants for the XBox for the 7 year old to try out. We already have Skylanders (the original) and he loves it, so when this arrived he was incredibly excited to give it a go. Each of the characters, and there are a lot of them, are from a different group; Earth, fire, water and air. Each character gets tired eventually, and loses energy, and has to be swapped in for another – and only certain characters can do certain jobs. It sounds complicated but actually it’s not *cough*.

The 7 year old has built up quite a collection of the original figures, which have to be placed on the, PORTAL OF POWER (to be said in a booming X-Factor voice which my children find annoying, which makes me do it more). Whichever character you place on the PORTAL OF POWER appears on the screen and you then control them. I also discovered that each character retains achievements unlocked during that game so that you can take it to a friend’s house and it remembers when placed on their PORTAL OF POWER. They can also be used across XBox 360/Wii/PS3 versions to bring your progress with you.

It really is clever, and yes, it totally goes over my head and when I’d finished firing questions at him he looked rather happy that I was now going to leave him be to play with Crusher, who is his favourite Skylander Giant.

We already had the original game, so this is an added extra, a boost if you will.  You can use the original character with the Giants but not the other way around … apparently.

So now he is trying to work out which characters to save up for or add to his Christmas and Birthday lists to get the most effective Skylander Giant game.

Is it a hit? Yes. Would I buy it if I hadn’t been sent it for free? Yes, although I tend to buy things like this for birthdays and Christmas.

Is it pricey? Each character costs anything between £7-£14, so could be saved up for with pocket money. The 7 year old has built up a collection of about eight over birthdays and Christmases. If you haven’t got anything yet, the starter pack is good value as you get three figures, the game and THE PORTAL OF POWER for £36.

Do I need to say PORTAL OF POWER AGAIN? Yes, PORTAL OF POWER, I bloody love saying it *cue eye roll from 7 year old*

For further info on Skylanders check out and

2 Comments on "Skylander Giants and the PORTAL OF POWER"

  1. Nikita August 24, 2013 at 9:41 pm · Reply

    He should check out thumpback he stats are:

  2. TheGlutton August 13, 2013 at 9:19 am · Reply

    Good on you for actually entering in to a conversation about Skylanders….we try to avoid this at all costs because our boy goes on for hours and hours and hours about it. He loves this game still (got it last Christmas) and is planning to put the new Swap Force game on his list for this Christmas. And I’m with you on the PORTAL OF POWER – can’t be said any other way :)

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