Missing planes, falling pianos and hungry lions …

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modernfamilyWe’ve watched A LOT of Modern Family over the past few months.  We discovered it by accident and then decided that we had to try and watch as many episodes on catch up as possible.

We have long discussions about our favourite Modern Family character, mine being Cam.

Funnily enough both the 8 year old and The Husband like Gloria the best … it must be her Columbian accent *cough*.

As part of a recent bedtime stalling technique the 9 year old pulled out a question which had cropped up on a recent modern Family episode.

Who would look after the children if BOTH parents died?

She wanted to know who she and her brother would live with should both The Husband and I die, at once, *shudder*.

I know this is something that, as an adult and parent, you are supposed to be prepared for … planning for the future, but how on earth do you decide something like that. I am terrible at ‘Life Admin'; The car tax which comes round exactly every six months ALWAYS surprises me; If both children get to school with the right paraphernalia for the day it’s a shock; I regularly forget to feed the fish. I’m rubbish.

I have friends who have wills with this sort of thing all covered.  They’ve sat down with whoever they have decided would raise their kids if they were, say, on a missing plane and presumed dead, had a piano fall from a great height flattening them both or got eaten by a lion at the zoo because they both fell into the enclosure. They’ve had ‘the conversation’ and it’s a done deal … apart from one couple, who I won’t name, who were asked if they’d be legal guardians ‘should the worst happen’ and told to go away and ‘think on it’ and never mentioned it again.

I started thinking and making a list of pros and cons in my head for each family member and dear friend and decided that quite frankly I can’t think of anyone who has the patience, energy or stamina to keep up with a boy who either moves at speed, eats ALL the food or sleeps and a girl who asks incessant questions about death.

I couldn’t answer the 9 year old. I opted out and told her I’d think about it.  And like the other nine times out of ten that I tell my children “I’ll think about it” … I will file it away for now, under ‘let’s hope she forgets to ask again’.

I won’t be going to the zoo any time soon, anyway, and the next time we fly we’ll all be together – so at least it will be a ‘family affair’. Maybe I’ll just make sure I don’t leave the house alone with The Husband on ‘piano delivery day’ at the local high rise flats.

3 Comments on "Missing planes, falling pianos and hungry lions …"

  1. Scope June 21, 2014 at 4:03 am · Reply

    Ask if he’s ever read “Oliver Twist”.

  2. Kate/WitWitWoo June 18, 2014 at 2:25 pm · Reply

    Think I mentioned on FB that weirdly, Dexter and I sort of had this conversation on the very same day. Must have been a full moon! I just said I’d never die. That I was immortal. That’s a perfectly OK response isn’t it?

  3. English Mum June 18, 2014 at 9:36 am · Reply

    Ha! We actually got asked this when we wrote our wills years ago. You should have seen my poor brother’s face when I told him he was likely to inherit two little boys…

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