Kozi Kidz Riding Jacket

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One of the 9 year old’s favourite hobbies is horse riding.  She’s been going on and off for a couple of years now.  She’s incredibly lucky that Auntie N has horses and a big field, Good Life Style, with pigs, sheep, chickens and kittens. Next week while her brother is at a sports camp the 9 year old has opted for helping Auntie N for a couple of days in the field. She’ll be helping with the care of all the animals and in whatever unpredictable weather we get. As a thank you for that help she gets to ride the horses with little cousin A. She cannot wait!

We were sent this beautiful waterproof Kozi Kidz Riding Jacket, I am really impressed with the quality.  The zip vents or ‘bum flap’ as I call it makes it the perfect riding coat as it fits right over the saddle. It’s generous sizing means that as well as having an adjustable waist, to fit a body protector, there is room for a hoodie underneath if necessary. Apart from being a great riding jacket it’s also a great ‘everyday raincoat’.

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    And colorful enough to be see from a distance.

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