I thought I had it in the bag, I was wrong …

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Last month we travelled to London to visit our friends and fellow bloggers at Westfield Shopping Centre with the fab people from the  Guinness World Records.

If there’s one thing the people at the Guinness World Records know to do, it’s entertain kids and adults! Like our trip last year there were a variety of tasks to partake in: Sock sorting, domino stacking and cup stacking.  The children leaped straight into sock sorting with far more enthusiasm than they have ever shown at home. There was also a great balloon artist who made a variety of weird and wonderful models and a face painter who was so much more than that – she painted a galaxy on the 6 year old’s arm!

My talents lay in cup stacking and I managed to get myself into the top five cup stackers alongside The Teenager. After last years defeat by Kate from Wit Wit Woo, and my laying down of the gauntlet, I thought I had it in the bag.

We spent a lot of time eyeing up the competition and practicing. I felt confident that during the ACTUAL time trial (a serious world record attempt was on offer) I would beat all those around me by showing off my cup stacking prowess.

Well, it turns out it wasn’t to be.  My nerves got the better of me and during the official world record attempt my shaky hands ended my cup stacking ambitions. I then decided to live vicariously through The Teenager.  She did really well but Liz’s husband pipped her at the post!

The day ignited a fire in the 8 year old and on arriving home she set up more world record attempts in our living room, armed with a stopwatch.  In fact if the Guinness World Records are looking for a future adjudicator with a wild look in her eye, a bossy streak and and a keen eye for detail, I know just the girl.

Thanks to the Guinness World Records for having us.  Another fab day was had and the children and I enjoyed every minute of it. And, if you’ll have me back next year I’ll work on my shaky hands.

And if you are looking for a fab Christmas present for a child or adult you can’t go wrong with the Guinness World Records 2013 book … it’s kept us busy for hours. Also, this year, there is a free app you can download on your iPhone/iTouch or Android device. When you point your device at the page in the book the records come to life in real 3D animation.  It really is mesmerising!


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  1. Scope December 8, 2012 at 3:09 am · Reply

    I got one of those annually when I was an early teen. Just loved it.

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