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Does putting beef burgers on your child’s plate make you feel guilty? Now not only do you have the worry of how healthy your kid’s diet is, but the added horsemeat element to contend with! Do you know for certain that the meat you’re giving your children doesn’t contain traces of horsemeat? If you bought your burgers, pre-made lasagne, or God knows how many other meat products from a large supermarket chain, chances are you have no idea where exactly it came from, how long the supply chain is or who processed the product.
Now, it is true that the ‘horsemeat scandal’ has gotten a bit out of hand and many say it’s a hoo-ha over nothing, but it can’t be denied that it has highlighted the importance of traceability when it comes to the meat, and any other food, we eat. Even if you’re not terribly worried about actually eating horse, it is still pretty appalling that products containing one thing have been labelled and sold as another. Without getting into the benefits or health risks of eating horsemeat, I think we should all agree that giving our kids something from a local, trusted source is far better than letting them eat processed meat from an unknown and probably far-off supplier.
Besides, supporting British farms and businesses is beneficial to them and the country, so if the horsemeat scandal prompts us to buy our meat from local farmers where traceability of products is key, then it is at least doing some good.
It’s always a worry for any parent that you might not be giving your kids the healthiest of meals or that you’re not buying the best in welfare standards for meat, but with Farmer’s Choice Free Range you won’t have to worry about either. All of their meat is healthy, 100% free range and sourced from high standard, British farms. From Scottish beef, Warwickshire turkey, Yorkshire game and Dorset pork, to Orkney fish and locally sourced vegetables, Farmer’s Choice provide you with everything to make healthy and clear-conscious meals for your children. And of course, as a local, British butcher and meat supplier, everything is completely traceable.
You can find out all about their partner farms; where they are, who the farmers are, what animals they farm and more, by visiting their farm page. All the products are taken from the farms and delivered to the Farmer’s Choice base in Fareham, Hampshire, before being delivered straight out to you. Meat carcases are purchased directly from the farmers, who are known personally to the company, and prepared straight away by the trusted Farmer’s Choice butchers. This simple and short supply chain means customers know exactly what they’re getting and where it’s coming from. Full traceability from farm to fork is an essential part of Farmer’s Choice ethics and this means you won’t find horsemeat in any of their products.
There really is no need to worry about your child eating horsemeat when you buy from local, British butchers and meat suppliers that practice complete traceability. Now all you need to think about is what to give them for dessert!

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