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The Husband and I were invited to try out a new Pan Asian restaurant, in Leeds Trinity, last week. Cosmo is a ‘world banquet dining’ experience and knowing that it was a buffet experience I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I’ve had several buffet experiences and only one has lived up to my expectations (The Aagrah, in Bradford, just in case you were wondering).

The kitchen area was split into different cuisines, and in parts overwhelming … in a good way; Asian, Indian, Italian, Caribbean and Mexican – I probably missed something in my excitement. I found that I stuck to the Asian food, mainly because that’s what I fancied on the night. I wasn’t up for mixing pasta, sushi, noodles and tandoori chicken … although had I wanted to I could have tried EVERYTHING.

The Malaysian Squid, Har Gau dim sum and the Beijing spare ribs were really tasty. The crispy seaweed, stir fried mushrooms and satay chicken were amazing. The salt and pepper battered prawns still having their intestinal tract ‘intact’ were a tad offputting, but the other offerings were both hot and tasty. If anything ran out it was quickly replaced, and there was constant action behind the stations with chefs preparing fresh food to be put out.

For my main course I  started with prawns and salmon in a garlic and ginger sauce which I watched being prepared on the Teppenyaki live station.  There’s something exciting about watching someone flipping prawns, and putting on a mini show, while bashing about on an iron griddle.  The Husband opted for Teppenyaki chicken which was really succulent.  I tried, for the first time, and loved sushi! The pickled ginger accompaniment with a Sushi Maki Roll was perfect.

There was a large selection of desserts, the little taster pots of mousse with a coulis topper were particularly moreish, especially the passion fruit one, and when we’d finished we had a small stack of empties.

Drinks were reasonably priced, with us opting for a French Chai de Bordes Bordeaux Rouge at £13.95. Bottomless soft drinks are £2.40 and self service.

Our server Krisztina from Hungary, who was very attentive, made sure we understood the ethos behind Cosmo and answered any questions we had about the food on offer.

There is clearly a high turnover in Cosmo and I can see why.  A relaxed City Centre restaurant with fresh, affordable food, is perfect for us and our family. I don’t feel that I took advantage of the ‘all you can eat’ nature of Cosmo, although I  think I got more than my moneys worth, at £14.99 per person, on a Friday night, for three courses. We’ll definitely be returning with our buffet loving kids, who at under 1.5 metres can eat for half price.

And, I can now say that I’ve had several buffet experiences and two have lived up to my expectations (The Aagrah, in Bradford, and Cosmo, In Leeds, just in case you were wondering).

For post-dinner drinks we opted for Roast & Conch, a few doors down from Cosmo, situated within staggering distance of the train station and somewhere we’ll revisit for laid back drinks.

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  1. Erica February 14, 2014 at 9:58 am · Reply

    We have a cosmo that’s just opened up in Edinburgh, I’m not a massive fan of buffet but I do like tapas and being able to have a bit of this and that. I might give it a try :)

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