I do not sleep in recovery position, on Cath Kidston bedding, when I’ve drunk too much gin

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Sometimes we get something to review that takes an extra bit of effort in the testing department. Like Cath Kidston bedding, for instance, or mugs.

Now, you’d think that bedding and mugs wouldn’t need much testing … but you’d be wrong *raises eyebrows in a knowing manner*.

First you have to peruse the bed linen on line, wait for it to come and then put it on the bed.  Once it’s been wrestled onto the bed you  need to stand back and admire it. The Husband will agree with you, that it looks flipping ace, but really his opinion doesn’t count because he wanted the spotty set.

At this point advanced testers, like myself, would leap from a great height onto the bed, land in a starfish shape and nuzzle their face into the 200 thread count 100% cotton percale. Children should be kept at bay until the first advanced tests have been carried out, we can’t have them spoiling the fun.

Then you have to get your pyjamas on and lie in the bed, under the covers, get a feel for it … maybe have a little snooze.

Trying out different sleeping positions is good.  I favour the starfish when The Husband isn’t there or the recovery position most other times – this is nothing to do with drinking too much gin but more about comfort in my old age …  I’m 34 years old.

Cath Kidston beddingPassing all tests for comfort and being easy on the eye you now need to get the mugs in on the act. This is where the children are allowed to partake.  Teach the eldest child to make a cup of tea. While they still think this is ‘grown up’ and not a chore, on Saturday night, before they fall asleep, whisper that you love them and that ‘Mummy would love a cup of tea in bed on Sunday morning’.

Seed planted, settle in for the night.

Awake rested and snuggly on Sunday morning to a steaming cup of tea which can be drunk in bed with your matching Cath Kidston bedding.

So, to recap;

  • Bed linen should be tested thoroughly.
  • Children only have a minor role in the testing.
  • Snoozing during the day is not illegal.
  • I do not sleep in recovery position when I’ve drunk too much gin.
  • While it is not essential, matching your mugs to your bed linen makes tea taste better.
  • I think I am old, I am 34.
  • I do not drink gin during the day, unless it is Christmas Day.
  • Saying the phrase “The quality of this Cath Kidston bedding is second to none” to your friends will make you feel about 65.

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